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Mr. Steve & Miss Katie

1. I Love Trains
2. Everybody Get Movin'
3. Clean Up Song
4. Deep Blue Sea
5. If I Had A Farm
6. All Around The World
7. Smile
8. Hands Up In The Air
9. It's Snowing Now
10. Goodnight Song
11. Lullaby (Go To Sleep)

LISTEN! (suggested ages 0-8)

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Mr. Steve & Miss Katie

Mr. Steve & Miss Katie
"Are You Ready? Here We Go!"

1. Good Morning Today
2. Please and Thank You
3. I'm Not Afraid Of The Dark
4. Are You Ready? Here We Go!
5. The Sound Of The Train
6. Count To 10
8. Alphabet Alphabet
9. Letters Letters Everywhere
10. Count To 10 (Animals)
11. Lullaby

(suggested ages 0-6)

CD Only $10


Kids CD

Various Artists
"KIDS music for PARENTS that hate KIDS music"

1. Mr. Steve & Miss Katie “Please and Thank You
2. Mr. Steve & Miss Katie “Clean Up Song
3. Lisa Loeb “Best Friend”
4. Board of Education “8 Is A Number”
5. Board of Education “The Lonely Tomato”
6. Board of Education “Ice Ages Are Fun”
7. Sean Thomas and the Ha-Ha’s “Pants On Your Head”
8. Sean Thomas and the Ha-Ha’s “Hannah The Little Monkey”
9. Meredith LeVande “Shake It Loud
10. Mr. Steve & Miss Katie “Must Be Christmas Time (It’s Snowing Now)”

(suggested ages 2-8)

CD Only $5


Josh & Gab

Josh & Gab
"I'm Not A Bully!"

01 Everybody Clap Hands
02 Nine O'Clock Behind The Jack Rabbit
03 Door In The Floor (Rats)
04 I'm Not A Bully!
05 I'm A Leader
06 Hurry Up And Get Well

(suggested ages 6-12)

CD Only $5