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Fake Chapter Records - the label behind this site. In addition to Children's music, Fake Chapter has been releasing great indie rock, electronic, and singer songwriting artists since 1996. Fake Chapter supported Charities.

Kids Corner - The best radio program for kids music!
Kindie Comm - Conference for Kids Music Professional

Super Dominic - Visit for more information the wonderful life of Dominic.

Art Talks LLC - Diane Quiroga is a Board Certified and Registered Art Therapist and Mental Health Consultant in New Jersey. She specializes in early childhood as well as children with special needs. We especially like her column.

Love That Max - Fantastic blog about a special needs boy named Max. We noticed the blog when it mentioned Mr. Steve & Miss Katie in the "8 questions for a music therapist" post.

Sensory Kids - center located in Jersey City, NJ