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Fake Chapter Records:
Mr. Steve & Miss Katie

Mr. Steve & Miss Katie

Miss Katie is a music teacher.

Mr. Steve is a rock n' roller.

One day, Mr. Steve said to Miss Katie "Lets write some songs." Then, Miss Katie said to Mr. Steve "How about we write some fun songs for kids?" So Mr. Steve & Miss Katie made a CD filled with fun music for fun kids. Would you please sing along?

Their CDs "Are You Ready? Here We Go!" and "Smile" are available now on Fake Chapter (Music Is Family) Records!

Josh & Gab

Josh & Gab

Gab Bonesso is a nationally renowned comedian, performer, and comedy writer, best known as the face of American Eagle's AEO TV.  Josh Verbanets is an award-winning songwriter, singer, and musician, best known as front-man of Pittsburgh-based Meeting of Important People. Together, Josh & Gab have developed a unique and unforgettable musical comedy band for all ages, featuring original songs, comedy, and interactive discussion, all with the goal of celebrating creativity and finding alternatives to negative behavior.

The team presents unforgettable garage-rock and pop songs, with themes as diverse as working together to make new sounds, getting along at
the local amusement park, and using creativity to get out of bad situations.

Their debut CD, "I'm Not a Bully!", available now on Fake Chapter (Music is Family) Records!

Friends of Fake Chapter:
Lisa Leob
Board of Education
Sean Thomas
Meredith LeVande
Lisa Loeb: Grammy®-nominated singer/songwriter Lisa Loeb started her career with the platinum-selling Number 1 hit song “Stay (I Missed You)” from the filmReality Bites. After her recent marriage and becoming a mom in 2010, she is currently working on “Camp Kappawanna”, a children’s musical inspired by her CD Camp Lisa (with music and lyrics written by Lisa Loeb, Michelle Lewis and Dan Petty).
Sean Thomas and the Ha-Ha's: From Keyport, NJ. Sean is the former singer of the widely popular group The Youth Ahead. But now a proud father, Sean enjoys a different kind of punk rock.
Meredith LeVande: the creator of Monkey Monkey Music, and her videos are broadcast multiple times each day, framing such iconic shows as Sesame Street and Curious George, on more than 100 public television stations in 60 plus markets.